ROBOLYMPICS is an offseason virtual competition for FRC robotics teams during the COVID-19 pandemic. Teams have the chance to compete in three different events that put their robots to the test. Is your team ready to win? Register now!


Our Goal

The Buchanan Bird Brains made this competition completely virtual and free so teams are able to compete during this pandemic. Teams can face-off in competitions like time trials and sprints. Register to become a part of this competition and compete against teams around the world.  

What is this competition?

Robolympics is a FREE competition that any FRC Team can compete in. The competition is entirely virtual and requires no face to face interaction. The events require little to no equipment, except a bot of course! After registering, teams can compete at any point and are not required to submit data at any set date. Robolympics is very flexible to ensure every team is able to compete. 


These general rules apply to all events and failure to abide by them will lead to disqualification. Please take the time to read through these rules before competing.