Visit the register page to enter your team into the competition. Mentors and leaders on team can fill out this registration  Make sure to have your team information handy, including your team name, number, and contact. 

After registration, teams can submit data for their events at any time. Teams do not have a required date to compete in the events. 

Read through the event rules and the competition rules. Decide your event and compete! Film your robot successfully completing a challenge. 

There are no set dates for competing in an event. However, rounds will take place later in the competition that allow teams to compete for 1st place before a set time. Check back later for round dates. 

Fill out a short form which indicates the challenge you are competing in and your score. After your submission is approved, your robot will be added to the leaderboard. Check the submission page for the forms. 

Congratulations, after you have completed all the required steps, you will officially become a robolympian! Watch as your team moves up and down on the leaderboard. Check back daily to see how your scores compare to robots worldwide.