In Speed Shot, teams compete to see who can shoot a volley of 5 power cells in the shortest amount of time. In this event, all teams need is a robot that can score balls in the outer port. To compete in this event, all you need is a video camera, a robot, and a field with at least a loading bay, powerport, and trench. This game mode tests your robot’s ability to shoot power cells the quickest. The team with the shortest time will earn the top spot on our leaderboard and be labeled as a Robolympian.

  1. The field must contain at least 1 power port, flat or full size
  2. The robot can only start on the initiation line with the front of the bumper against the back of the line.
  3. The timer starts when the first power cell stops contacting the robot and when the last power cell enters or hits the power port.
  4. The robot must be visible throughout the video.
  5. The robot may be teleoperated or autonomously controlled.
  6. A stopwatch must be visible, digital or physical in the video.